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The most versatile changing robe

Our surf swim paddle Explorer changing robes are designed specifically to allow room for changing out of wet clothes, simply pull your arms out of the sleeves, change inside the main part of the robe and put your arms back into the sleeves again.  It could not be simpler!


Designed with the environment in mind. It protects you from the elements, It keeps the weather out and dries you while keeping the warmth in!


The Explorer robe cleverly combines a weather-resistant outer with a super-warm inner lining Made with 100% recycled fabrics.


These are not only worn as a changing robe though, but their trendy look also lends them to being worn as a coat or jacket.​  First class style, comfort, warmth, and durability.

Made for Outdoor Living!



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“I wore my new Surf Swim Paddle coat yesterday for the first time. It is literally the warmest coat I’ve ever worn, it kept me dry and it looks smart. I was coaching a team session and a couple of the parents were asking me where I got it from. The coat will come in very handy given the unpredictable weather we have in this country and all of our coaches at The Dave Kitson Academy will be wearing them.”


Former Premier League striker Dave Kitson

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