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Sea Shore

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I wash my surf swim paddle changing robe?
    surf swim paddle changing robes do not require frequently washing the same as any other outdoor clothing. But when you find you need to it is highly recommended to use cold fresh water to rinse your robe and hang it to air dry out of direct sunlight. We have tested our weatherproof robes and it is possible to machine wash if it’s absolutely necessary, this should be done on a 30-minute cycle at 30 degrees, you can use standard non biological washing detergent however please do not use a softener. Your weatherproof robe has taped seams making it water-resistant. If you wash too regularly, the lifespan of these taped seams will not be as long – you will be reducing the longevity of your robe by washing too frequently.
  • How do I zip my swim surf paddle changing robe?
    Our changing robes feature a YKK ® two-way zip for ease of use. The best way to operate this when closing is to align both sliders at the base of the robe holding taught and insert the insertion pin though both sliders, then pull the top slider only to close the zipper. To utilise the dual two-way zip, you can also partially un-zip the lower half of the robe from the base by pulling up the second slider up to allow more leg movement where needed for activities such as horse riding, walking, or driving.
  • How should a surf swim paddle changing robe fit me?
    surf swim paddle changing robes have been designed to offer a loose, baggy fit ensuring there’s plenty of room to pull your arms inside and change out of your wetsuit or rash vest, whilst providing enough length to keep you covered and warm. The recommended size ranges would provide a robe that is around knee length and offers ample room around the torso for changing. Height and zip length are the most important measurements, however, should you find yourself in between sizes, please refer to the waist measurement and consider how you will be using your robe ie. do you require ample changing space? Or will it be used primarily for keeping warm? for just keeping warm, you can downsize, but if you are using it as a changing robe, we recommend the larger size.
  • How water resistant are the changing robes?
    surf swim paddle changing robes have a rating of 10,000mm in waterproof resistance. A rating of 5,000mm to 10,000mm is suitable for just about all weather conditions. Thec outer is made from 100% recyled Nylon 10K water resistant material with a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water-repellent coating which is both safe and environmentally better for our planet. The way the rating for waterproof resistance is tested, is through something called the Hydrostatic Head Test. This is where the fabric is pulled tightly under a sealed tube of water. This is then observed over a 24-hour period to investigate how many millimetres of water the fabric can withstand before it soaks through.
  • Can I use waterproof changing robes for other activities?
    Yes, you can use the robe for any activity or event, whether it’s dog walking, going to a festival or standing on the side lines whilst watching a rugby or football game. As the purpose would be for keeping warm, it may be more suitable to size down so that the robe has less of an oversized fit.
  • How many styles of surf swim paddle changing robes do we have?
    We now have several styles of robes with a range of different colourways available in Adult and Child sizes. All of our weatherproof robes are designed with an oversized fit featuring a 100% recycled Nylon 10k water-resistant outer with a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water-repellent finishing and premium quality, ultra-soft-touch recycled Sherpa Fleece lining. Please check our website and social media for new product launches.
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